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On February 15, 2005, Cicada Technology Inc. acquired the OFS OSP Closure product line based in Norcross, Georgia. Products included in the line are Fiber Optic Closure 2400LG/SC, Fiber Optic Closure 2418LG1, Fiber Optic Closure 2550SC, Fiber Optic Closure 2600LG, Fiber Optic Closure 3000SC and Fiber Optic Closure UCB series.

Cicada Technology Closures have been engineered to provide the highest level of environmental protection of optical cable splices. These closures are designed to seal, bond, anchor and protect different types of cable and splices. Whether your application calls for buffered or ribbon-type cables, or there are requirements for mechanical or fusion splices, there are splice organizer trays which can meet your needs.

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